Synthetic Genomics Research Team


  • 2020/10
    A Special Issue edited by Researcher Yukio Kurihara has been published."Plant Systems and Application"
  • 2020/10
    We started registering for the 11th Sorghum workshop. Register here
  • 2020/03
    Farewell Party for Ms.Hiroko Tsuchida,Ms.Manami Hirata,Ms.Tomoko Yamaguchi and Mr.Takachika Munesada.

Group Profile

The genome sequences of many organisms have been determined by recent progress of genome sequencing technology. This huge genome information makes it possible not only to reveal the biological activities but also understand the biodiversity of organism in molecular levels. Our research team will construct the science and technology basis for the recycling social system with reduced environmental impact by accumulating useful genome information including Bioplastics biosynthesis.

Group Director: Minami Matsui

Research Overview

Recent progress of genome information revealed that many proteins and RNAs have various functions not only to support the biological activities but also to produce unique chemicals/metabolites of each organism. Synthetic Genomics Research team will make use of this genome information to produce useful materials for the society.

1. Production of biodegradable plastics in plants.
We will aim at the production of biopolyester, polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) in plants by the photosynthetic activity.
2. Elucidation of genes that increase the biomass of plants.
We will aim at improvement of plant biomass by elucidating the mechanism of plant growth.
3. Elucidation of mechanism of starch biosynthesis.
We will aim at increase of starch by elucidating the biosynthesis mechanism of high starch content plants including cassava.
4. Development of rapid gene modification technology by collecting the  gene tools.
We will aim at technology development of rapid gene modification by collecting the gene tools including transcription factors and promoters required for proper gene expression.

Our purpose is to produce new materials to contribute society by designing synthetic pathways using the information obtained by omics researches and huge genome sequencing.

Research Result