Synthetic Genomics Research Team


  • 2020/10
    A Special Issue edited by Researcher Yukio Kurihara has been published."Plant Systems and Application"
  • 2020/10
    We started registering for the 11th Sorghum workshop. Register here
  • 2020/03
    Farewell Party for Ms.Hiroko Tsuchida,Ms.Manami Hirata,Ms.Tomoko Yamaguchi and Mr.Takachika Munesada.
  • 2020/02
    Start recruiting Special Postdoctoral Researcher (SPDR).
    RIKEN FY 2021 Special Postdoctoral Researcher (SPDR) program
  • 2020/02
    Mr. Minami Matsui joined 2020 AAAS(American association for The Advancement of Science) Annual Meeting.
  • 2019/09
    Farewell Party for Mrs.Amemiya Mieko.
  • 2019/09
    We did "Let's look, take a photo and measure sugar content of sorghum!".
  • 2019/08
    Mr.Matsui Minami and Ms.makita Yuko was attended at CATAS/IRRDB WORKSHOP ON RUBBER GENOMICS 2019.
  • 2019/07
    The 2nd Natural Rubber Workshop was held at RIKEN Yokohama Campus.
  • 2019/04
    Mr.Yukio Kurihara received CSRS award(2019).
  • 2019/03
    Farewell Party for Mr.Yuya Araki.
  • 2019/02
    Start recruiting Special Postdoctoral Researcher (SPDR).
    RIKEN FY 2020 Special Postdoctoral Researcher (SPDR) program
  • 2018/09
    Ms.Kageyama(Student) and Ms.Osada(Student) joined our lab.
  • 2018/06
    Press Release:Blue gene regulation helps plants respond properly to light
  • 2018/04
    Ms.Manami Hirata(Student) joined our lab.
  • 2018/03
    Death notice
    I would like to inform you that Ms.Mika KAWASHIMA passed away March 15th 2018 by trafic accident. Ms.KAWASHIMA was a longtime member of the Synthetic Genomics Research Group.
  • 2018/03
    Farwell Party for Ms.Aya Suehisa.
  • 2017/09
    Ms.Haruka Shimohira(student) joined our lab.
  • 2017/09
    "Construction of Pará rubber tree genome and multi-transcriptome database accelerates rubber researches.(Y.Makita et al.)" was awarded the prize for InCoB 2017 BMC Best Paper Awards.
  • 2017/05
    Farwell Party for Mr.Youtaro Saito.
  • 2017/04
    RIKEN Research:"Helping plants avoid the blues (Wen-Dee Ong)"