Synthetic Genomics Research Team


  • 2018/04
    Ms.Manami Hiramoto(Student) joined our lab.
  • 2018/03
    Farwell Party for Ms.Aya Suehisa.
  • 2017/09
    Ms.Haruka Shimohira(student) joined our lab.
  • 2017/09
    「Construction of Pará rubber tree genome and multi-transcriptome database accelerates rubber researches.(Y.Makita et al.)」 was awarded the prize for InCoB 2017 BMC Best Paper Awards.
  • 2017/05
    Farwell Party for Mr.Youtaro Saito.
  • 2017/04
    RIKEN Research:"Helping plants avoid the blues (Wen-Dee Ong)"
  • 2017/04
    Ms.Yuko Makita and Ms.Mika Kawashima recieved CSRS award(2016).
  • 2017/04
    Ms.Tomoko Yamaguchi(Stydent) joined our lab.
  • 2017/03
    Farewell Party for Ms.Mika Hiramoto.
  • 2016/10
    Press Release:Scientists show how plants turn a"light switch"on and off
  • 2016/08
    Ms.Aya Suehisa(Student) and Mr.Takachika Munesada(Student) joined our lab.
  • 2016/07
    Press Release:Where do rubber trees get their rubber?
  • 2016/04
    Dr.Yotaro Saito and Mr.Yuya Araki(Studend) joined our lab.
  • 2016/03
    Farewell Party for Dr.Kim Dong Wook.